I learned that I had a tumor in my carotid artery when I was 20 years old and when I was studying at university and try to continue my life. Whole world was destroyed on myself. They said that the tumor was wrapped around 360 degrees in vessel, that the disease was progressing and that I had a high risk of stroke. I decided to have an operation but angioma failed and I had the feeling of paralysis. The doctor gave up surgery and applied radiotherapy. The tumor did not shrink and became larger. In every city and hospital which I went to, doctors did not dare to operate me. While I lingered for 3 years and lost all my hopes, We found Dr.Yusuf Kalko. For the first time, a doctor said, “I’ll operate you.” God bless you. The operation was successful without any risk and I recovered. He is such a kind-hearted person that he became like my spiritual father. May Allah be pleased with his parents, who raised him. I will pray for your health throughout my life.
is proof that there will not be a professor only by reading, that this will be done by lovingly, patiently, transferring his experience to his patient and analyzing his psychology very well and acting accordingly. We brought my father, who came to the cutting point of legs with the wrong treatment in Tekirdağ, on May 16, by ambulance, and on May 19, our doctor operated and discharged on May 22 on foot. Thank you very much to Dr. Kalko and his team. May Allah be pleased with you. Health to your hands . Good luck @drkalko
Hello, everyone’s mother is very precious. Those who know me and my brother know how fond we are to our mother. Thank God, my mother is with us again, thanks to God, and then doctor Yusuf … My mother had a venous insufficiency in her legs for a long time, but in 2016, ulcers began to open on her legs and cause unbearable pain. Different doctors tried many methods of treatment, but their wounds continued to worsen day by day. During the one year, we started to make pain relieving tips twice a day, every evening and every morning, even we tried morphine until we met our very precious doctor Yusuf Kalko. she intervered under treatment. My mother’s condition was so heavy that the infection on her legs spread throughout the body and she was in life danger. Until the first night, we prayed at the beginning of the morning, there was an ampute risk of her legs and the risk of losing my mother even worse. Whenever we need, we are a phone call away with all kindness. For me, Miracle Doctor Dear Professor Yusuf Kalko. We are grateful to him and thank goodness. No matter how much we thank you, thankfully you are there…🙏
We live in Konya. My father had a heart attack and had a bypass operation twice before. In 2016, he had clot into his brain and partial paralysis occurred in his body. Hospitals and doctors in our city declared that the artery was 100% blocked and there was nothing to do. Afterwards, we met with our respected doctor Yusuf Kalko, who performed his duty in Istanbul. He opened the artery of my father with local anesthesia and helped him recover. We are grateful to my doctor, Mr. Yusuf Kalko, who came to the hospital without hesitation due to a small discomfort in the patient at 4:00 am with the support he gave us, who was in control of his patient.
My dear Dr. Yusuf Kalko, who opened the 100% blocked carotid artery of my father, which many doctors said “this surgery is not possible,” and brought my father to health. We are happy for meet with you. When we said everything was over, he held our hands and made my father healthy. Thanks to him, we have returned to our old days. Thank God my father is alive and with us. We became a huge family with Dr. Yusuf and his team.
Our story takes place in 2003. My father, who died for a different reason now, and Yusuf Klako, who new became specialist doctor at that time. An unbearable, difficult process and the decision made as a result of these rushes is the complete loss of two legs …During this decision, I never thought that the doctor who came across us by chance would be our hero. The situation was very serious. But when that respectful, sincere, determined doctor was only in his thirties, I realized that these things were not only with age and experience, but completely depend devoted to human health. YUSUF KALKO was now an engraved name …The only change was the title of “Associate Professor” and “Professor”. His humanity, his work and the success line never changed. He is always with us as much as a phone. all the best.
That day was the turning point of our lives. I cannot describe the happiness when my father’s who is the meaning of my life was discharged from the hospital. This was a triumph of tired days and running. Thanks to Dr. Yusuf’s healing hands, it was the day my father stood up as before. Despite all the hopelessness, Dr. Yusuf said, “Bring your father immediately.” The despair inside us was replaced by great hope. Fortunately, we took our father out of intensive care with a great risk. We entrusted Dr. Yusuf’s hands. Fortunately we know you. May Allah give you long life. Other doctors said for my father he lived or couldn’t live for 6 months. It has been 2 years since the operation and my father is healthy. We are very happy. As the ERGEN family, Dr. We are grateful to Dr. Yusuf. God bless you.
Hello Professor Yusuf…
If we ask about how many kms between Marmaris and Istanbul, 756 km according to google, why is it 10 km between Marmaris and Istanbul for me? I believe without exception that you approach and care for all your patients in this way. Anytime on the phone or at a checkup in Istanbul, you have never been different from father to brother or family for me.
When our hope is exhausted and all the doors are closed to our face, all doctors other than you wasn’t give any chance for our mother’s recovery; It was a hope for us to find you when other doctors said, “There is no hope for your mother, don’t try for anything”. It was a healing for my mother. We are grateful to you for making smile on our face. So glad that we found you. God bless you.
As SİLAHÇI family, we live in İzmir, my father Haldun Silahçı fell while walking on the road. His left side was paralyzed. He could not walk, could not speak, could not move his hand and face. We immediately took him to the hospital. They made some tests. They took tomographies and waited for a week in the hospital. His doctor called us and said that the carotid artery was 100% blocked. “There is nothing we can do, be prepared for everything,” he said. We were destroyed. It was not possible to accept such a thing. We investigated what we can do. There is Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kalko in Istanbul, they said have a conversation with him. We immediately contacted with doctor. “You have lost time in vain. Come to our hospital immediately,” he said. We took my father at that time and set off from Izmir to Istanbul. “I will open this vessel,” said Dr. Yusuf, and the following day, my father got operation. May Allah be pleased with our doctor and team. My father is walking and talking thanks to them right now. Fortunately, there are people like you who love your job. We are grateful. Thanks.
For years, I have been experiencing difficulties such as shortness of breath, feeling of faintness and dizziness. When I found out that my discomfort was a carotid glomus tumor, my disease was very advanced. While looking for a doctor to do / accept the surgery, all the ways directed me to doctor Yusuf. I met him on 19 February 2020. When he said he could do it, February 20 (which is also my birthday) took me to surgery. The reason I made a decision in such a short time is that the doctor Yusuf his trust to him and at the same time gave his trust to me.I returned to life as a result of his and his team’s successful surgery. Endless thanks to him and his team.
My dear father was in such a difficult and bad situation that I cannot describe it. We drowned in the undesperate looks of the doctors. We were breathless. One of his carotid artery was completely blocked and The other was 90% blocked. For this reason he had a stroke. There was little time left for persistent vegetative state . God brought us Dr. Yusuf Kalko. He was like a miracle. He opened his carotid artery, which was 100% blocked. My father back to us and his health. We are very grateful to you dear Yusuf Kalko .
Feridun Kibiroğlu was born on March 17, 1975 in Germany. They were going to cut my leg in Germany in 2010 and said no treatment, impossible. I could not walk. I did not sleep for months, my feet and fingers were burning. The severity of my pains was indescribable. I was suffering very much. YUSUF KALKO was until I could find you, February 14, 2011 It was both holy and valentine’s day. I sleep very comfortably and fearlessly. When I returned to Germany, I came to the Professor doctor in Germany and he was shocked and saying that this is impossible magic and I appreciate Professor Yusuf Kalko I respect such a success and how happy we are, there is Professor Doctor Yusuf Kalko.
Many doctors say “This surgery is not possible,” and opened my 100% blocked carotid artery due to laceration by talking to me during the operation. Endless thanks to Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kalko, whom I called “Big Brother”. EMRE KALFA
Our meeting with you dates back 7 years. You came in the hardest days of our life.For 6 months I visited the hospitals and looked for a remedy. Every time I was convinced that I was hopelessly helpless but I didn’t give up.I said medicine can’t be so helpless. Knowing how to reach you and have a hope and that happiness in my father’s eyes was an incredible feeling.Because , it was unbearable for my father to suffer in front of my eyes by saying, “Walls are falling down on my feet” every time.7 years have passed since those hard days. And maybe my father would go with longing for his sons who were far away.Now it’s the best moments of his life with all his children.these happiness photos are taken by first Allah’s permission and then because of you.We are eternally grateful. May Allah give you strength . Be a hope and cure for all lives.With kind regards…
At the time when our hope was over, Allah brought you across us. The turning point of our life started at that time. If I walk today and can continue my life, my family and I owe you a lot. You did my treatment as a doctor, but we met a brother, a friend and an incredible person. We became a family. We never forgot you, you did not forget us. God bless you.
First of all, every person wants to trust a person in his life, and that’s exactly what you have achieved in my approach and treatment control processes. It’s not important to have miles away here the important is to know that you have real wingless angels that you entrust your life with. I would like to thank you and your team again and again. The hope of the hopeless is Allah first, Then you. endless thanks. Selda SARAÇBAŞI

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