They told that the Tıknazoğlu, who had been diagnosed with vascular occlusion disease Buerger, his legs which not have blood circulation is will cut. However, when the veins were cleaned with the hybrid method applied by Prof. Kalko, gangrene risk disappeared.

Buerger patient Kamil Tiknazoglu, who said “Your legs will be cut”, has recovered. Because of Kangren, there was no blood circulation in both legs of Tiknazoğlu. As her legs became black, she went to many hospitals and sought remedy. Each time they said, “Your legs have to be cut.” He could not work because of his illness, he was interested in taking care of his 2.5-year-old daughter at home. His wife, Sibel Tiknazoğlu, was working to support the house. When the disease progressed, her world was darkened when they said “Make an appointment for surgery, it must be cut” for their husband in the hospital which they went to. Sibel Tiknazoğlu asked for support from her friends at work.

With the support he received from his friends, he immediately made an appointment for his husband from Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kalko. Dr. Kalko examined Tıknaznoglu. “With the hybrid method, we can save these legs and feet,” he said. Open and closed surgery method was applied to the patient at the same time. First, the blocked vessels were cleaned with small incisions. Then angio was made from the groin, and the blocked vessels of both legs were opened with a balloon. A miracle happened after the operation. The leg, which was black, started to get its normal color day by day.

Tıknazoğlu said, “It is a miracle that I have experienced. I was looking at my child every day and crying. I couldn’t see her going to school because of my illness. I was looking at my daughter because my wife worked. They suggested a doctor from the company where my wife worked. He examined me. Then he said,” We can save your legs. ” I could not believe these words. He operated on. My legs got rid of. Now I cry from happiness. While waiting for my leg to be cut, it is a second chance for me to have such a miracle. I will not put my cigarette in my mouth anymore. After that I will hug life with four hands for my wife and daughter. “


Prof. Dr. Yusuf Kalko: We actively use hybrid methods in carotid artery diseases and leg vessel occlusions. This technique gives us the chance to perform open surgery, angio, balloon, stent applications applications at the same time. Therefore, many patients who have not been given the chance to operate can now benefit from this. We also started applying hybrid methods to Buerger patients. It can be applied to any Buerger patient whose main vessel is blocked. We can apply this in a patient with a blocked knee, groin, above-knee and below-knee region and no blood flow. Since the inflammation that obstructs the vessels of Buerger patients is quite soft and mucus, it is very difficult to clean this vein by standard methods. With the technique we developed, you can pull the plaque that is like a worm from 20-30 centimeters without breaking it. Just removing this plate is not enough. We also enter the knee area with an angio device and with the help of a thin wire, we can open the vessel to the foot by making small balloons. Then we bring the vessel because we open both up and down. We sew the vein end to end. Think of it as connecting two pipes. At the same time, continuity is provided. Patients with very serious “resting” pain relax immediately after surgery, and most importantly, limb loss is prevented.