We’ve learned a lot about Covid-19 for 10 months and we’re still learning.
People who are 65, who have high risk, KOAH, cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, immune system disorders, blood pressure disturbances and diabetes were claimed to be under high risk.

This risk is serious for people who have Immune System failures. Patients who’ve been through liver or kidney transplants, who need to take cortisol and children and young people who have immune failures are under high risk, even the regular flu poses a great threat to these group of people.

Risk Group has enlarged.
When we look at the people who lose their lives due to Covid we see that some of those old people who aren’t in the ‘’very high risk group’’ can get over the virus. We often see news on television that 90-100 year olds getting discharged from the hospital. When I look around my own environment I see the same situation, an acquaintance of mine who was a KOAH patient got over the virus with a slight shortness of breath and soft coughs. But in the meantime we see healthy young people losing their lives to the virus. We’ve recently lost a Doctor friend of mine, he wasn’t smoking nor consuming alcohol and had a sporty life style. He didn’t have any known risk factors but he still lost to the virus. We can conclude from here that we all need to act like we’re in the risk group.

The researches about the coronavirus is ongoing and we all learn something new everyday about it. A microbiologist friend of mine and team of his has realised that an enzyme is genetically absent which is responsible for lenfosit functions. This enzyme might be triggering the death cases. Studies about Covid-19 are still going on but the enlargement of the risk group makes us research even more.

Don’t take blood thinner without a Doctor’s suggestion.

Our patients are asking us about a question due to the blood thinner usage on the Covid-19 patients; ‘should we use blood thinners?’ This is a very wrong approach, it could be very risky for a healthy person to take blood thinners. Especially the young people can have stomach bleeding. Only take blood thinners if a doctor has examined you and suggested you to take them.

Covid and Flu likes people who are tired.
Good sleeping and eating habits play a vital part in the fight against this virus. If the person doesn’t sleep enough and doesn’t eat regularly, doesn’t rest, is subject to stress, then that person is prone to immune system failures. Eating balanced is very important, don’t eat just meat or just pastry oriented. Do eat vegetables and fruits. Keep your meals ordered and sşeep for 7-8 hours. Do sports, and never ignore the importance of using a mask.

Stay Safe.