Symptoms such as a simple darkening of the eye, dizziness, momentary weakness in the hand and arm, drop of the glass in one hand, weakness of the foot, and temporary loss of vision may indicate a stroke which by the carotid artery. Specialists underline that if any of these symptoms occur, the patient must be consulted and treated by specialist.

Atilla Kılınç, 58, was came to the doctor with similar symptoms two years ago. After angiography, they said they would place a stent on him. However, Kilinc neglected his treatment. Recently, paralysis attacks occurred and caused stroke on his left arm and left leg. The stent alternative completely disappeared due to the extremely soft plaque occlusion in the vessels. Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Professor. Dr. Yusuf Kalko and his team intervened with open surgery. After a successful operation, the carotid artery, which was 98 percent occluded, was opened and the patient began to move his left arm and leg. Atilla Kılınç said that his symptoms started with headaches. He said,  “I had a very serious headache. After a while I could not move my left arm. My relatives called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. Here I had a second stroke. This time I can’t move my left leg. Angiography was performed immediately, but no results were obtained. They said they couldn’t do any further intervention because the plaques in my vessels were too soft. I stayed in intensive care for a while. During this time, my relatives reached Dr.Yusuf. He said that after the examinations, he could my surgery. Since I no chance to longer neglected and I accepted surgery. Fortunately I agreed. After surgery, my left arm and leg began to move. After completing my treatment in the hospital I went to my home on foot.”.

Opened the carotid artery with successful operation.

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof.Dr.Yusuf Kalko who operating Atilla Kılınç, evaluating the patient, “The patient’s right carotid artery was 98 percent occluded. A few years ago, our patient had a similar attack. If he had timely treatment, he would not have faced such a situation. That’s why we often give warnings about stroke symptoms. It is vital that we take into account symptoms such as dizziness, temporary vision loss, weakness in the arm and leg, temporary loss of consciousness and speech impairment. These symptoms are usually fudge by people and treatment may be delayed. However, stroke is one of the leading death rates in our country and in the world today. Therefore, it should not be neglected. Mr. Atilla neglected. His left arm and left leg did not move when he came to us. Our colleagues said it wasn’t suitable for the stent. That’s right. Because the plaques that blocked his vessels were too soft. In such a case, stent placement is not possible. That’s why we decided to operate with stroke surgery. We opened the carotid artery with local anesthesia and cleaned the plaques. However, the fact that this plaque was so soft increased the risk of our surgery. Normally we do these surgeries with 1-2 percent risk. Mr.Atilla’s operated with 5 percent risk. Thank goodness everything went well and we cleared the vein. Immediately after the operation, the patient began to move his left arm and leg. He was walking when he was discharged. But I repeat. Stroke is a serious discomfort. As the incidence rates increased day by day, the age of incidence decreased to the younger age. For this reason, who have the symptoms which is listed must be consult with the specialist. People with a family history of stroke, after 40 years of age should have a carotid ultrasound each year. Those who do not have a family history, but who have problems such as smoking, stress, unhealthy nutrition and inactivity, should always have regular carotid ultrasound after the age of 50 ”.