Corona in the process of economic fluctuations, as well as all over the world are among the major agenda in Turkey. Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof.Dr. Yusuf Kalko made ambitious statements in a television program which he attended. Together with the normalization process has emphasized the need to focus on Turkey’s health tourism. Dr.kalko: “Turkey will be number one in the world in health tourism.” said.
Let’s use this chance very well.
Dr.kalko successful graphic drew in Turkey’s health sector was underlined that attracted attention in the international arena. Dr. Kalko said this is a great chance for health tourism. dr.kalko: “Turkey will be number one in the world in health tourism. Tourism, the sine qua non of Turkey. The largest tourism countries in Europe, Italy, Spain, France, Greece lived a very difficult process with fight against corona. A serious decline lived in the tourism at that countries. May not come to them for a while.
We have nature, we have history, we have climate and we have hospitals. While advertising hotels in holiday regions, they can support health tourism by placing their posters on the city hospitals or images of private hospitals in their region. I am claiming that personal tourism will change in the world. Apart from the nature and historical beauty of the places where they go, people will now look at their equipment in terms of health. A person with a risk of heart attack over 50 years of age prefers to vacation in countries that are strong in terms of health equipment. We have the sea, nature, health. We need to use this process very well in the country.
Why is health tourism important? Cultural tourism visitors leave an average of 900 – 1000 USD to the country. Those who come for health tourism leave an average of 8000 – 9000 USD. That’s why I attach great importance to health tourism. I congratulate our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his support of health tourism. “